Only Fear
The only thing you have to fear is
Fear itself.
----♛Nightmare King
At your service.
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Once upon a pretty, little nightmare, there lived a king…

Anonymous sent:

But wait, we never got to find out what the big thing was!


{This is it.}

{Yeah, I’m probably not coming back.

You can find me on my personal at times.

Other than that I’ll leave this blog up just in case anyone wants to look through Pitch pictures or something.

It was fun. }


                      Come little children, we’ll take thee away
                                        into a land of enchantment
                        CoME LITTLE CHILDREN

                                        THE TIME’S COME TO PLAY

                               HERE in our garden OF SHADOWS


Jack Frost’s Nightmare

Do not worry Jack. I will not let you be alone ever again.
Look, amongst the waving kelp your new friends will keep you company.

I would suspect that Pitch would have a special Nightmare for Jack.

(the image is rough but if i work on it anymore i fear i might throw it away)

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{ooc; Maybe it’s just me but the ROTG fandom should have a scary story/movie night

where we all liveblog scary movies or tell each other scary stories

no? Oh maybe it is just me.}

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Ah! I have heard of you, of course. What wonderful work, making the humans so miserable all the time.

I extend my thanks to you for recognizing my work and enjoying it. 

Now, as I’m sure you can guess, I have to make an inquiry as to why you have the desire to take over this planet over all the others? There’s nothing special here that I’m aware of.

I’ve been trying to leave it for decades now.


Splendid! I was beginning to think I wouldn’t have any support in keeping him locked up. Are you the one people call “Pitch”?

I could care less if you keep him locked up for the rest of eternity. 

That is one of my many names, yes. I am more commonly known as the Boogeyman


I am to assume you dislike the little glowing freak?


You’d be correct. I loathe the ‘little glowing freak’.