Only Fear
The only thing you have to fear is
Fear itself.
----♛Nightmare King
At your service.
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frostbittensprite sent:

Jack barely had a moment to utter a quick apology, barreling in to the man without any elegant grace in his chilled bones. He peeked up through unruly bangs, glancing to the mistletoe tied to the hook of his staff, a gift from North during his visit to the base. He'd received plenty of pecks on his cheek and pressed his lips among countless foreheads of the kids with a whimsical smile. With a faint smile lingering, Jack got up on his toes and kissed the corner of Pitch's mouth with cool lips.-->

—>”Merry Christmas, Pitch.”

          {♔} Pitch had little to no time to dodge the full on crash, finding himself barely able to keep his balance as the winter spirit all but rocketed into him while mumbling something about being ‘sorry’. Sneering a bit, golden hues looked back at those blue eyes behind white wisps of hair- clearly unamused by the clumsy display. Straightening his elongated spine so that he was no longer hunched from the impact, he glanced towards the other’s wooden staff to see what had caught the young Guardian’s attention.

A mistletoe.

Before he could react or decide how to react at all, he found himself with a pair of cold lips on his mouth- followed by a trademark greeting.

"Bah." Humbug.